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Since we started the business in the UK in 1964, Advance Tapes has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes destined for industrial, professional markets. Our product range includes: Duct tapes, Gaffer tapes, PVC tapes, Polythene tapes, Foil tapes and Double Sided tapes. As an independent manufacturer Advance Tapes has complete control over every stage of the production process; from the formulation of their own specialist adhesives by our in-house Chemists, to the coating of the adhesive, right through to how the final product is formatted, converted and despatched. This capability provides them with the flexibility to offer customised products to suit the market requirements. Advance Tapes is renowned for producing high quality products and for its commitment to new product development.

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Gaffa AT200 Gewebeband 50mm 50m schwarz
Gaffa AT200 Gewebeband 50mm 50m schwarz
The leading cloth product in the entertainment business. AT200 is an ultra matt polythene extruded cloth tape coated with cable friendly solvent free rubber – resin adhesive that is designed to peel cleanly* from cables and most...
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