About us


About us


'Peter's Art' - Our name stands for what I stand for: To pass on my experience, especially in covering stretcher frames, to professional artists like you.


My aspiration has always been this: A frame should be tightly stretched like a drum.


Almost obsessively I went through many years of testing different fabrics and weaves, developing an understanding of the widest variety of materials, and expanding my knowledge of stretching frames of all kinds to ultimately achieve the best possible covering for your needs:


A canvas that is less prone to warping and resistant to all painting techniques.


In my business 'Peter's Art' that opened in 2006, I can now let off steam and offer you my way of stretching canvases at a fair price. Since 2007, we reliably have produced, stretched and primed in our own workshop only 200 meters from the shop.


Our fabric space that has been established in 2013 offers you various profiles of stretcher bars and several types of fabric. Choose between coarse, medium, fine, primed or unprimed, cotton, linen, jute or polyester.


Individual solutions for your individual needs


You want to put your creative ideas on paper or on a canvas?

We have the matching colors, brushes, pens and coloring for you.


Your works require flexible dimensions?

We produce stretcher frames on request, even in oversizes.


Are you looking for the right canvas for your painting techniques?

In our fabric room, we are happy to advise you and cut the right fabric for you individually and prime on request.


You have an already finished work on canvas, which you now want to give the appropriate frame?

We also take care of the assembly of finished works.


You’re running out of materials when working creatively ?

Order easily via our extensive online shop. We usually send you the desired product directly to the studio the next day.


You want to show your works at an exhibition, but do not know how to get them from A to B?

We transport your art within Germany and also within Europe. Talk to us!


You have your studio in Berlin?

We deliver within 15 km, from an order value of 150, - € even free of charge.



Your benefits at a glance


  • Owner-operated specialty shop for art and drawing supplies with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Wide assortment of artist materials consisting of colors (oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, etc.), brushes, pens, paper and blocks.
  • We are specialists for single materials such as canvases and stretcher frames, but also various auxiliary materials such as media, oils and pigments.
  • Own workshop with competent professionals on the ExRotaprint building only 200 meters from the shop.
  • Order and production of stretcher frames also in extraordinary formats.
  • Coverings (also on site) on request.
  • Stretching of finished works.
  • Art shipments within Germany and Europe (on request).
  • Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays between 10am and 6pm. Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm (Storage closed).
  • Well-stocked shop and extensive online shop.
  • Shipping within Europe.
  • New products for the German market such as Kama Pigments oil paints and oil sticks or Gamblin 1980 oil paints.
  • Delivery of large formats within Berlin within a radius of 15 km free of charge from a value of 150, - €.

Milestones of Peter's Art


2006 Opening of Peter's Art

2007 warehouse in ExRotaprint building

2009 Additional rooms for Shop 2 (papers, colors, etc.)

2013 Additional rooms for Shop 3 (canvases and fabrics)

2011 Construction of the online shop

2013 All products online, not as live stock in the beginning

2017 Professional online store - all products are available within 1-2 days



Outlook and goals


We are open to new products from all over the world, to offer only the highest quality for you as an artist (light resistance and aging resistance). You have the choice, decide for yourself which products meet your requirements!


Similar to our fabric room, we will set up a special brush room in the next few months to give you even more choice for your creative ideas.


Visit us in our premises in Gottschedstraße 26 in Berlin and delve among our extensive assortment!


You probably won’t need much time to find me there. Often you’ll find me in action, packing or unpacking boxes, tailoring fabric or in consultation with one of our many regulars. Because that’s what I never wanted, to sit behind an office desk all day long.


Welcome to Peter's Art


Yours, Peter


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