Schmincke AERO Opak Medium (50609)

Schmincke AERO Opak Medium (50609)
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Obsah: 0.028 Liter (207,14 € * / 1 Liter)

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Schmincke AERO Opak Medium (50609)
28 ml 0.028 Liter 1
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5,80 €
Schmincke AERO Opak Medium (50609)
125 ml 0.125 Liter 1
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Processing instructions Ideal for temporary protection of unfinished oil paintings;... více
Informace o produktu "Schmincke AERO Opak Medium (50609)"

Processing instructions

  • Ideal for temporary protection of unfinished oil paintings; equalized "hit", i. dull and binder-poor areas; also gives tempera underpaintings an oil-color-like character.
  • Shake before use.
  • The product is ready to use, but may be mixed with e.g. Turpentine substitute 50019 be diluted.
  • Only after the surface of the picture has dried - at the earliest after 4 weeks - quickly apply quickly with a suitable brush at room temperature.
  • Clean tools immediately after use with turpentine substitute (50019) or brush cleaner (50051/50052).
  • The dried varnish layer remains soluble in turpentine substitute (50019), but can be overpainted with oil paints or reworked with a final varnish based on white spirit.
  • The product is based on "white spirit" and can not be compared with those based on "alcohol", e.g. Mix alcohol retouching varnish (50020).
  • Close containers immediately after use.
  • Store cool and dry.
  • Individual pre-tests are recommended.

Container sizes: 60 ml and 200 ml

Ingredients: acrylic resin, aldehyde resin, white spirit.

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The retouching varnish (50066) in size 1 liter is no longer available.
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