Golden Gesso Black (3560)

Golden Gesso Black (3560)
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Golden Gesso Black (3560)
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Golden Gesso Black (3560)
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Gesso can be thought of as the bridge between your support (canvas, board or whatever you... více
Informace o produktu "Golden Gesso Black (3560)"

Gesso can be thought of as the bridge between your support (canvas, board or whatever you paint on) and the paint. GOLDEN Gesso is designed to penetrate supports and provide a surface to which paint can adhere. Proper preparation with GOLDEN Gesso increases the life span of artwork. Our Gesso is formulated to be flexible and is highly pigmented for greater opacity.

For health and safety information, see the Safety Data Sheet.

White and Black Gesso are ready-to-use formulations for painting on most surfaces. They are flexible and can be applied in thin layers to conform to a variey to textures without cracking. For oil painting, we recommended that at least three layers of gesso. Gesso can be mixed with acrylic colors to produce a range of colored grounds. (Item# White Gesso - 3550, Black Gesso - 3560)

For detailed product information, see Gesso Product Information & Application Sheet.

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