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In 1946, MUNGYO started its first step as a blackboard company.

Since then, through the constant product development and intensive innovation, MUNGYO has had various product portfolios such as art, office and school supplies.

Based on trust from customers, art and school supplies of MUNGYO is positioned as a leading company in global stationery industry as well as domestic market.

We are striving to be the only and the best company which gives delights of painting, teaching and working to end-user customers and which provides the best value to our global partners.

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MUNGYO Gallery Handmade soft pastel
MUNGYO Gallery Handmade soft pastel
Special feature Hand-made soft pastel was rolled by hands to keep the softness. This pasel has a wonderfully soft, almost "buttery" touch. It gives you a unique painting experience and pleasure. With this high-end soft pastel,...
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