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the story of kama Pigments.

already 15 years!

interior view of themontreal storeIn 1996, I started KAMA PIGMENTS in my apartment (a half-basement) with modest means and an ambitious mission: to make available the raw materials (particularly dry pigments) and the knowledge necessary for artists to make their own paints and mediums.

Over the years, and with the support of our customers and employees, KAMA has grown and added more and more products to the original line of raw materials. By forging new relationships with suppliers from all around the world, we’ve arrived at our current catalogue of over 2000 unique products.

Our selection of raw materials includes resins, natural glues and gums, drying oils, dry pigments, dyes, gold leaf, waxes, and more. We are also proud to be able to provide you with all of the information necessary to get started on your own, completely free of charge.

why make your own materials?

interior view of themontreal store Aside from being able to save on the cost of materials, we believe that making your own paints and mediums is and art in and of itself and that it is the best way to truly learn and to master your medium. Like the artists that came before you, making your own paints will help you to develop a profound understanding of what your materials can accomplish and what they can become. In this way, you can really know what you are working with as well as how your paint will behave while you are painting and how it will behave long after your work is completed.

In my opinion, knowing the properties of the materials you use is especially critical because it allows you to work without being limited to the products offered to you by the art materials industry. This knowledge frees you from the limits that might otherwise be placed on your creativity and instead grants you the freedom to paint in a way that makes sense for you, because, after all, it really is as simple as this: pigment + binder = paint. And finally, of course, making your own art supplies from raw materials is a great way to save a lot of money. All of this is why I’ve been making my own paints and mediums for the last 20 years.

kama pigments inc …

produits KAMA pigmentsThe second aspect of KAMA Pigments is to develop and manufacture high quality products for the visual arts right here in Canada.

These products are: oil paints, oil sticks, graphite sticks, encaustic paints, and oil painting mediums and varnishes.

In fact, because of the artistic and scientific expertise that we’ve gained, we can now proudly say that we’ve become the recognized authority in Quebec for all matters relating to materials for the visual arts, decorative arts, restoration, gilding, and wood finishing. We are continually helping our clients resolve their technical problems, and, because KAMA’s team is composed entirely of actual artists (click here to find out more), we can provide advice that is based on experience.

I’m proud to be leading a company that has always focused, first and foremost, on human values, respect for individuals and a commitment to taking care of its customers. Finally, we wouldn’t be where we are today without all of the people who have supported us these last 15 years, and so, to all of you, I would like to say thank you.

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Kama Izosol - Geruchloses, ungiftiges Mineral-Lösungsmittel
Kama Izosol - Geruchloses, ungiftiges...
Geruchsloses, ungiftiges Lösungsmittel für ölbasierte Farben uns Techniken. Auch zu leichten Reinigung von zum Beispiel Malerwerkzeugen geeignet. Es hat praktisch keine Langzeittoxizität, der Aromatengehalt ist unter 0,01 %
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Kama Pigments Künstler Ölfarben
Kama Pigments Künstler Ölfarben
Kama Pigments Künstler Ölfarben
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Kama Pigments Öl-Sticks
Kama Pigments Öl-Sticks
Kama Pigments Öl-Sticks
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