M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set

M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
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M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
The South 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
57,50 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Desert southwest 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
66,90 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Pacific Northwest 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
59,90 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
New England 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
59,90 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Basic 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
52,00 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Cityscape 0.5 kg 1 Piece 2
De 1
55,60 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Landscape 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
52,00 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Marinescape 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
57,80 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Jewel Tone 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
66,90 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Shades of Summer 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
65,60 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Cobalt Mix 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
84,50 €
M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set
Quinacridone 0.5 kg 1 Piece 1
De 1
66,90 €
You’re inspired by the world around you — so are our paints. M. Graham watercolors are made...más
Información del producto "M. Graham & Co. Watercolour Set"

You’re inspired by the world around you — so are our paints.

M. Graham watercolors are made with Northwest blackberry honey, recalling the practice of early artists who drew from nature for their materials as well as their subjects. This traditional base creates willing watercolors ready for your brush and yields even, fluid washes.

Honey also allows for stronger, truer colors. With a complete range of pleasing pigments — from delicate tints to dark, concentrated colors — you’ll discover more color possibilities with M. Graham watercolors.

 The South - Set of 5

The strong, pigmented watercolours are perfect for putting traditional art on paper. You can express your feelings and concentrate on painting. The five carefully chosen colours are inspired by the American South East.

Key West Marine - Viridian

Gulf Coast Sunset - Dioxazine Purple

Georgia Clay - Burnt Sienna

Southern Pine - Yellow Ochre

Catfish Grey - Neutral Tint


Pacific Northwest - Set of 5

These colours can be used by professionals as well as beginner artists because of their easy application. Also the honey keeps the colour on the palette from drying out and the applied colour can always be made moist again with water and thus smudged. This set is especially good if you want to express the American northern coast, but you can also paint any other motif with these carefully selected colours, which have been given appropriate names for the set.

Misty Purple - Dioxazine Purple

Mountain Gold - Yellow Ochre

Shadow Blue - Anthraqinone Blue

Overcast Gray - Neutral Tint

Cascade Green - Sap Green


New England - Set of 5

The 5 watercolours in this set are good for mixing and blending with each other, but also with other sets. The colours are highly pigmented and shine brightly on the paper. With the three complimentary colours you can mix any other colour. The set is from a watercolour artist Ron Stocke, who chose the theme New England. He has given other artists the opportunity to paint an atmospheric picture and to capture the mood of the American New England. However, the colours can also be used for other motifs.

Napthol Red

Cadmium Yellow Light

Ultramarine Blue

Burnt Umber

Hooker's Green


Basic - Set of 5

This set is perfect for artists who are just starting out in art and want high quality colours to try out. These colours are high quality and highly pigmented, plus they have the distinct advantage that the colours on the palette do not dry out and you can always reuse them with water. Even colour that has already dried on the paper can be moistened again at any time and the colour can be redistributed. So you can also quickly undo mistakes. The colour choice is perfect for mixing other colours, as the complimentary colours are included. However, these colours are not only good for beginners but also for advanced and professional artists. The high pigmentation and the colour tone can be changed and adjusted according to your own use.

Azo Yellow

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Sap Green

Burnt Sienna


Cityscape - Set of 5

The high-quality watercolour set ''Cityscape'' is perfect for beginners, but also for professional up to advanced artists. The selected colours have a particularly rich colour intensity due to the special mixture of honey, which can be mixed with water according to use. In this way, the intensity can be strongly influenced. The honey in the colours not only gives the painting a special radiance, but also prevents the colours from drying out on the palette. And even on a painted picture you can wet the colours again at any time, so that you can change them and also correct mistakes. With this set you can paint colourful or gloomy landscapes of cities, but you can also use the colours for any other motif. The colours are named according to the theme.

Subway Gray - Sepia

Taxi Cab Yellow - Hansa Yellow Deep

Brick Red - Burnt Sienna

Asphalt Gray - Paynes Gray

Stoplight Red - Pyrrol Red


Landscape - Set of 5

The popular motif of painting a lively, gloomy or sunny, dark landscape is ever present and timeless. This set is ideal for beginners, as the colours are already selected and are exactly suitable for landscapes. The colours are made with honey and therefore have a light smooth texture, which can easily be diluted with water and is easy to apply to the paper. In addition, the honey is good for the high quality colour pigments, as they then have an even more radiant and rich appearance and look great on the paper. The colours do not dry out on the palette, which makes it possible to use the colours again and again, so you don't have to throw away any colour. You can also wet the colours again on the paper even after a long time and also mix them again. This is a good way of touching up your own mistakes. The colours themselves can be mixed with a little practice and you have a wide range of colours to choose from. The colours last a long time and you should not apply too much colour if you want to create a typical watercolour picture, because just a little colour is enough to create an intense colour picture.

Cerulean Blue

Sap Green

Burnt Umber

Dioxazine Purple

Yellow Ochre


Marinescape - Set of 5

This set has a special selection of colours, with which, especially suggested by the set itself, you can paint beautiful ship landscapes and perfectly convey the maritime and seaside feeling. In order to create a balanced colour intensity, which is more or less pronounced depending on the artist's wishes, one has to pay attention to how much colour one wants to use for mixing and generally for application. As the watercolours have a high number of pigments and there is still honey in the mixture, which also makes for a richer, more pronounced colour, it is easy to underestimate the colours. The colours can easily be reused from the palettes, even if the colour has dried up for several weeks or even months.

Ultramarine Blue

Azo Orange

Prussian Blue

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Raw Sienna


Jewel Tone - Set of 5

The Jewel Tone set is good if you want to use particularly colourful colours. This is because this set has a wide range of highly pigmented and intense colours that you can use for a long time, as you don't need much colour to fill a large area. In fact, it is easy to overestimate the amount of paint you use on the palette, but this is not a bad thing, because even if the colours dry out, you don't have to throw them away. Because a large part of the high quality is that the dried paint can be made usable again with the help of water and in its completely familiar form. Even your already dried artwork can be changed after several months with these colours, as they are extremely water-soluble. Even when mixing, you only have to use a small amount of paint, as the colours can be mixed wonderfully to the desired colour without using a large amount. The colours can also be mixed together wonderfully on the picture so that they form a classic transition.

Maroon Perylene

Permanent Green Light

Anthraquinone Blue

Cobalt Violet

Hansa Yellow


Shades of Summer - Set of 5

With this watercolour set you can create great masterpieces, because the colours of the set are exactly designed to represent summer in all its colours. The set can be easily mixed and matched to create a great colour selection. As the colours come in a small pack, you can also take them with you on the go. You don't need to use too much of the colours themselves as they are very pigmented and the effect of the honey makes the colours appear even stronger. This means that you only need a little colour for a large area. When mixing the colours, you should also be aware of how strong the colours are in order to get the right and desired colour. However, this should become easier and easier after a little practice. If you have taken too much of the watercolours from the tube, this is no problem, because you can make the colour suitable for painting again with a little liquid, even after several months. This is also one of the many advantages that the paint contains huckleberry honey.

Sap Green

Bismuth Yellow

Cobalt Teal

Permanent Green Pale

Scarlet Pyrrol


Cobalt Mix - Set of 5

This set is a good starting point if you want to paint with cobalt colours. It has a good mix of colours and you can also mix them together to create even more tones that you want to use in your artwork. The colours are very highly pigmented and also, because of the honey that enhances the effect, have a rich and high quality effect when used on paper. The colours can be mixed with water to the desired intensity. This way you can add depth, stitching and more effects to the painting and it enhances the overall effect of the painting. If you have taken too much from the tube on the palette, this is not a problem. You won't have to throw the paint away and nothing will be wasted because the honey allows the paint to be mixed again with water to a creamy consistency even after many months and anyway the honey is there to stop the hardening, at least for some time.

Cerulean Blue Deep

Cobalt Violet

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Teal

Cobalt Green


Quinacridone Quintet - Set of 5

This set has more of a reddish colour selection, which is good for painting warmer pictures. However, as shown on the set itself, you can paint a gathering of people going about their daily lives in the setting sun. The whole picture looks very familiar and yet it radiates something hectic, restless. With this set you can also paint heart touching pictures. Whether for beginners or experienced artists, this set is made for everyone. The high quality and highly pigmented colours look great on paper and depending on your preference you can dilute them with water and also soften the intensity. The special thing about the set is that all colours are made with honey. And this has many advantages, because the honey gives a richer colour and prevents the colour from drying out. So you don't have to worry about leaving the colours on the palette if you use too much. Because even after many months you can still find this paint in its creamy and accustomed way. This makes the job of artists extremely easy.

Nickel Quinacridone Gold

Quinacridone Red

Quinacridone Rose

Quinacridone Rust

Quinacridone Violet

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