Lascaux Heissiegelkleber 375 (4020)

Lascaux Heissiegelkleber 375 (4020)
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Lascaux Heissiegelkleber 375 (4020)
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52,92 €
Based on a mixture of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, cyclohexanone resin, phthalate ester...más
Información del producto "Lascaux Heissiegelkleber 375 (4020)"

Based on a mixture of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, cyclohexanone resin, phthalate ester of hydroabiethyl alcohol and paraffin. For screen imprints with or without intermediate layer, for paper and text images, for strip-lining. For facings, consolidation of primers and paint layers, for temporary and permanent bonding. 40% solution in toluene and boiling limit benzene 100/140.

Application Instructions:
Hot-seal adhesive (Heissiegelkleber) 375 is applied using a brush, roller or spray gun. For most of the work, Hot-Seal Adhesive 375 is slightly warmed up in a water bath and thinned approx. 2:1 to 1:1 with special boiling spirit 100/140 so that a creamy paste is obtained at room temperature. Hot-seal adhesive 375 is applied cold or warm (heat increases penetration). For spray application, it is advisable to dilute Hot-Seal Adhesive 375 with toluene in order to reduce the viscosity.

Only after complete evaporation (approx. 12-24 hours) of all solvents contained can the doubling or sealing be carried out properly. In the case of doubling, hot-seal adhesive 375 is applied either to the doubling canvas or to an intermediate carrier (e.g. polyester fleece). The completely dried hot-seal adhesive 375 layer is sealed at approx. 62-65 °C on the heating table under a slight vacuum or using an iron or a hot air gun. The heat activation can also only take place after days or weeks.

To fix and consolidate primers and paint layers, Hot-Seal Adhesive 375 is preferably diluted 1:4 with White Spirit, or, if compatibility is given, with toluene for better penetration (warm solutions also improve penetration). Sealing after complete drying at 62-65 °C and under slight pressure. Dismantling can be done either with heat or with solvents such as acetone or special boiling point petrol 100/140.

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