Golden Absorbent Ground (3555)

Golden Absorbent Ground (3555)
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Golden Absorbent Ground (3555)
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15,79 €
Golden Absorbent Ground (3555)
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ABSORBENT GROUND   GOLDEN Absorbent Ground can be used to create a porous,...más
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GOLDEN Absorbent Ground can be used to create a porous, paper-like surface on many different substrates. It is uniquely formulated for a high level of absorbency when dry. Applied over gessoed canvas, Absorbent Ground allows for wash and staining effects on a stable acrylic film as an alternative to staining raw canvas. Watercolors may also be used, although they will retain their water sensitivity.



GOLDEN Absorbent Ground, designed for stain and watercolor-type applications, is light stable, permanent and flexible. While it has a gesso-like consistency, it is not intended as a gesso alternative. It must be applied over a porous and "toothy" surface, such as GOLDEN Gesso to ensure adequate adhesion due to the type and level of solids in the product. Once properly sealed, it is a permanent acrylic film that does not need to be kept under glass, however, the surface is quite delicate and additional protection is recommended. A properly applied isolation coat and GOLDEN Varnishes (Polymer & MSA) will protect the artwork from environmental factors such as sunlight and dust.

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