Moleskine Rolling Stones Notizbuch

Moleskine Rolling Stones Notizbuch
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Moleskine Rolling Stones Notizbuch
13 x 21 cm LARGE / Flock 1 Piece 1
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21,90 €
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Each notebook in the Rolling Stones Limited Edition collection features the band's iconic...más
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Each notebook in the Rolling Stones Limited Edition collection features the band's iconic Tongue symbol on various haptic materials inspired by Mick Jagger's unconventional wardrobe. In this case, with a smooth and extravagant deep blue velvet that occupies the center of the stage to protect your notes.
Cultivated, rebellious and brave enough to strike new scandalous tones for an entire generation: the Rolling Stones are living legends that have evolved over time to evade any categorization or commitment. These 4 notebooks from the Rolling Stones Limited Edition collection are the latest in a series of music themed notebooks that celebrate bands that have shaped their generation, representing not just one musical genre, but a whole lifestyle. Unmistakable, timeless and ready for your rock n 'roll notes.
- Hard cover with theme of limited special edition
- Rounded edges
- Rubber band for closing
- Ivory white Moleskine paper
- Matching bookmark band
- Paper: 70 g / m², acid-free, ivory white, lined
- Theme stickers
- Expandable inside pocket at the back
- "In case of lost" notice on the cover sheet
- Reusable paper band backing with additional printed tools
- lies flat, opens 180 °
- The story of Moleskine is in

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