Liquitex - Black Lava 237 ml

Liquitex - Black Lava 237 ml
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Black Lava

Acrylic Texture Medium

Effects Painting Medium
Texture: Thick Lava Flakes
Sheen: Satin
Relative Opacity: Opaque


  • A black speckled gel that contains small, flat, hexagonal shaped dark aggregates. 
  • Appear grey when wet but dry to give the effect of ground, dry, black lava. 
  • When mixed with transparent and translucent colors, black speckled quality is most apparent. 
  • Mix with Liquitex Interference Paint for dramatic color effects.


  • Apply with different tools i.e. palette knife, trowel, paint brush or cake decorating tips to produce different effects.
  • Mix Liquitex acrylic paint into Liquitex Texture Gel or let gel dry and paint on top. 
  • Mix with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish to produce textured glazes. 
  • As most Liquitex Texture Gels are translucent very small amounts of paint are needed 
  • Add Liquitex Gel Medium or Heavy Gel Medium when using additional aggregates (such as sand) to avoid brittleness. 
  • Liquitex Texture Gels can be thinned with small amounts of water if necessary.
  • Varnish with care to avoid foaming or clouding, spray apply if possible. 

General Information

  • Contains specific aggregates, which produce a variety of unique textural, dimensional and reflective effects, when mixed with acrylic paint. 
  • All Liquitex Texture Gels may be intermixed to increase the variety of possible textures. 
  • Formulated for maximum flexibility and adhesion, will not chip or crack on canvas. 
  • Can be applied to any material or surface that will accept traditional acrylic media, such as canvas, paper, wood, etc. 
  • Texture Gels are lightweight, non-toxic and dry to a water resistant, non-yellowing surface.
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