Schmincke Gesso Grundierung (50518)

Schmincke Gesso Grundierung (50518)
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Gesso white, fine 50518 A white, semitransparent, light- and age-resistant primer
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white, fine

A white, semitransparent, light- and age-resistant primer for oil and acrylic paints with a more succulent character like a semicircular ground in study quality. Drys to an elastic, matte film. Gesso is ready for use, but can be diluted with up to 10% water if necessary.

Diluent: Water

processing instructions

Shake vigorously before use or stir briefly.
Gesso is ready to use and should be applied in two or three thin layers. (The previous layer should always be completely dried before ordering another one!)
If necessary, the product can be diluted with a maximum of 10% water.
It is dried to a water-insoluble film.
If necessary, work with fine sandpaper.
If a colored primer is desired, the product can be tinted with Schmincke acrylic paints.
Should the substrate, e.g. Rough, extremely absorbent, we recommend a pre-treatment with impregnation / priming (50510).
Clean tools immediately after use with water or soap and water.
The product should not be used below 10 ° C object and room temperature.
Dispose of packaging immediately after use.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Protect from frost.
Individual pre-tests are recommended.

Container sizes: 1000 ml

Ingredients: Copolymer dispersion.

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