Golden UV Topcoat Gel Medium (EU13746) (EU13747)

Golden UV Topcoat Gel Medium (EU13746) (EU13747)
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Golden UV Topcoat Gel Medium (EU13746) (EU13747)
237 ml / Gloss (EU13746) 0.6 kg 0.237 Liter 2
À partir de 1
23,30 €
Golden UV Topcoat Gel Medium (EU13746) (EU13747)
237 ml / Semi-Gloss (EU13747) 0.6 kg 0.237 Liter 1
À partir de 1
23,30 €
Gloss and Semi-Gloss UV Topcoat [formerly Gel Topcoat with UVLS
Informations sur le produit "Golden UV Topcoat Gel Medium (EU13746) (EU13747)"

Gloss and Semi-Gloss UV Topcoat [formerly Gel Topcoat with UVLS Gloss or Semi-Gloss] are acrylic gels that dry to create a permanent, flexible, non-removable coating.  The Gloss version has great clarity and a highly reflective surface, while the Semi-Gloss dries to a translucent, more wax-like finish and like all topcoats may alter the appearance of color saturation.
GOLDEN Gel Topcoats are fully compatible with other GOLDEN Acrylic Colors, Mediums, Gels and Pastes, and can be blended with these products in any proportion. While formulated primarily as a topcoat, they can be used like other Gels to modify sheen and transparency, create texture, provide a clear barrier or coating for subsequent paint or other materials, and to extend product. Gel Topcoats are not intended for commercial, high wear applications. 
(Item# Gloss -3746, Semi-Gloss 3747)

For detailed information about this product, Gloss UV Topcoat Product Information Sheet and for health and safety information, see Gel Topcoat Material Safety Data Sheet

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