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Our Philosophy

Your personality and dreams cannot be boxed in or defined by anyone but you. There is no such state of being fully understood or explored. There always remains one frontier or mystery inside you.

Pentalic believes memories are created and art happens both inside and outside your regular destinations and routines. The fixed positions of your home, office, school or studio contain only a portion of your narrative. The boundaries of your mind and soul cannot be assigned to a single location. As you sit silently on a sofa or wait wordless against a wall, obscure to others are your thousand thoughts and dreams of diverse and distant destinations.

Everything about you is art waiting to be revealed, felt and understood. The color, texture and shape of your existence roam free, far outside the confines of your daily movements. Pentalic gives you an avenue to unleash your unseen potential.

Pentalic tools are tailored to your personality like a reliable friend. Try us out and uncover the treasure that your practical or artistic side has been longing for! An empty book and writing tool in your hand promote the visual outflow of your ideas, dreams and adventures. Fill every page with rich statements of your experience. Another volume patiently awaits your life’s next chapter. There is magical satisfaction to see ideas transform into artistic or literary statements. We wish to share that satisfying moment when another book is filled with your memories and ideas!

Pentalic envisions the values of portability and preservation. Our goal is to design rugged and practical products for any environment. Don’t be caught without a method of capturing your immediate story and surroundings. Whether well-built or waterproof, compact or comfortable, Pentalic products deliver function without weighing you down with worry. We understand the desire to preserve your work. Our source materials are acid free and sturdy enough to last for generations.

Though priced for everyday use and affordability, Pentalic prides itself in sourcing the highest quality materials. Casual writers, note-takers or sketchers will appreciate a well-designed product, and experienced artists and illustrators will be equally satisfied. Pentalic has a long history of meeting the demands of professional artists. Many of our employees are artists and writers, and we understand how small design features improve the usability of everything we manufacture.

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