Shipping and Payment

Information about the calculation of your delivery date


The deadline for delivery starts with your payment in advance on the day after issuing the payment order to the referring bank or for other payment methods the day after conclusion of the contract and ends with the expiration of the last day of the deadline. If the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a general public holiday recognized at the place of delivery, the next working day shall be replaced by such day.


Shipping costs in Germany:


The prices stated on the product pages include VAT and other price components. In addition to the prices quoted, we charge for delivery within Germany:


Shipping option: GLS (up to DIN A4 up to 160g)


Price per item shipping weight:


Up to 0.99 kg = 3.90 €

1.01 kg - 15 kg = 6.90 €

15,01 kg - 25 kg = 16,90 €

25.01 kg - 100 kg = 30 €

100.01 kg - 150 kg = 40 €


For more items or more weight or oversize the shipping option 'GLS package' is used.


Shipping option: Insured GLS package (up to DIN A1 up tp 10kg)

Price per item quantity (or number of running meters for fabrics):


Up to 10 articles or meters = 6,90 €

Up to 20 articles or meters = 8,90 €

Up to 30 articles or meters = 11,90 €

Up to 40 articles or meters = 14.90 €

Up to 50 articles or meters = 17,90 €

Up to 60 articles or meters = 20.90 €

Up to 70 articles or meters = 23.90 €

Up to 80 articles or meters = 26.90 €


For more items or more weight or oversize delivery by us or a haulier as curbside delivery.

call us at: 030/51059990 or send an email to:


Shipping Option: GLS Special Transport Plates


15 € (30 € from the value of 500 €)


Shipping option: GLS Special Transport primed fabrics


9,90 € (30 € from the value of 500 €)

Primed fabrics can not be folded. Therefore, this shipping method applies to primed fabrics that are wider than 1.75 meters. Narrow grounded fabrics are shipped as a package.


Shipping Option: Freight forwarding (curbside delivery)


30 €


For mixed orders, the next common shipping option is calculated for all items. So, if the mailing option is only valid for some items, but not for others, because they are too large, it will be handled as if all items belong to the next higher shipping option 'Insured GLS Package'.

Similarly, if at least one item is so large or heavy that it belongs to the shipping option 'haulier', all items are mathematically added to the shipping option 'haulier', in that case a flat-rate fee of 30, - € applies. Please note that the delivery by haulier takes place only to curbside by default.

The shipping costs are clearly communicated on the product pages, in the shopping cart system and on the order page.


Shipping and handling abroad:


We ship to the following countries:



Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Liechtenstein.



France, Great Britain, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia



Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Hungary.


Here are the prices for shipping abroad:



Up to 2 kg = 8 €

2.01 kg - 5 kg = 9 €

5.01 kg - 10 kg = 10 €

10.01 kg - 15 kg = 12 €

15,01 kg - 20 kg = 15 €

20.01 kg - 25 kg = 20 €

25.01 kg - 50 kg = 40 €



Up to 2 kg = 14 €

2.01 kg - 5 kg = 16 €

5.01 kg - 10 kg = 18 €

10.01 kg - 15 kg = 22 €

15,01 kg - 20 kg = 25 €

20.01 kg - 25 kg = 30 €

25.01 kg - 50 kg = 50 €



Up to 2 kg = 20 €

2.01 kg - 5 kg = 22 €

5.01 kg - 10 kg = 25 €

10.01 kg - 15 kg = 28 €

15,01 kg - 25 kg = 36 €

25.01 kg - 50 kg = 50 €


In case of shipping to non-EU countries, additional taxes or costs (eg customs duties) are incurred in connection with your order that are not paid by us or charged by us, but are paid directly by you to the responsible customs office or tax authorities. For details please contact these authorities.


If you have ordered via our online shop and your goods are delivered to you by mail (we use the parcel service GLS), you will receive a tracking number, with which you can track your order.

Please always check whether the package is in perfect condition when receiving a delivery of the goods through the parcel service. If any external evidence indicates that the goods may have been damaged during transport, you’re able to refuse the parcel. In this case, the shipment will be returned to us to ensure the proper condition of the goods.


Attention Berlin customers!

From a value of 120,- € we deliver within Berlin for free or low cost, if you want. If you want to check if your address is eligible for a free delivery, please check one of the usual navigation pages to see if you are within 15km of our location (Gottschedstr. 26, 13357 Berlin).


Below a value of 120,- €, the delivery costs are as follows:


To 2 km - 5 €

2-5 km - 10 €

5-10 km - 12 €

Over 10 km - 15 €.


The delivery goes to the front door of your delivery address. If you still need help with the transport of the goods to your studio or apartment, please talk our drivers directly. In this case, especially with deliveries to upper floors, they sure are happy about some attention.


For orders within Berlin, we contact you asap via email for a delivery date and automatically deduct the previously calculated shipping costs from the merchandise value of 120,- €.


Possible payment methods:


With your online purchases, you have the following options for payment:


  • Payment via PayPal paypal
  • Direct debit (For this we need a written permission from you. We will send you the form via email on request.)
  • Advance transfer / prepayment (delivery / shipping will not be made until the payment has been received by us)
  • Bank transfer within 7 days of order / purchase on account.
  • Credit card via PayPal. Processing of the payment by credit card (VISA or Mastercard) via PayPal, even without a PayPal account. Simply enter your credit card details as you are used to.


Please provide your order number with all transfers to us.

At our shop in Berlin you can pay in cash or by debit or credit card. For a delivery within Berlin you can also pay the driver in cash.



Bank account details

Account Owner: Piotr Dariusz Wojciechowski

Institute: Deutsche Bank

IBAN: DE17100700240368484200


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