wooden profile aluminium system frame 25 mm

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ATTENTION: We only offer frames to customers ordering in Berlin for delivery in Berlin and for...plus
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ATTENTION: We only offer frames to customers ordering in Berlin for delivery in Berlin and for to be collected by the customer.

Our wooden profile aluminium system frame is an answer to the demand of our customers for a particularly stable solution for large formats: a unique product that meets the demand for optimum stability, precise covering and, at the same time, easy handling due to particularly low weight and simple installation.

The frame consists of a wooden profile of 45 mm on the outside and an inner frame of 100% solid aluminium. The wooden profile makes the covering with different painting grounds as simple as usual. Each frame has a corner reinforcement as standard and, depending on the size of the format, the frame is additionally reinforced with a centre piece, a single or multiple aluminium cross. The unique assembly system also makes it possible to attach centre pieces at a later date.

Hanging the frame is particularly easy due to the hanging lugs or heavy load hangers, which can be attached to the inside of the aluminium profile and easily moved.

From a side length of 30 cm, we manufacture the frames flexibly in all desired formats, even from a side length of more than 6 m, with millimetre precision. On request, deeper profiles are also possible by attaching additional wooden strips, which is recommended for formats from 6 m upwards.

The delivery time for standard formats is 5-7 days, for special formats 7-10 days.

 All advantages of our wooden profile aluminium system frames at a glance:

  •     25 mm profile
  •     museum quality thanks to optimum stability and longevity
  •     distortion-free under unfavourable room, transport and storage conditions
  •     particularly low weight: easy to transport and handle
  •     precise and easy retensioning with a 4 mm Allen key
  •     flexible format selection in millimetre steps even with a page length of over 6 m
  •     easy to cover thanks to the wooden profile
  •     easy installation thanks to the ingenious system with just one Allen key
  •     environmentally friendly thanks to the use of PEFC-certified wood
  •     assembly instructions on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=Qb0X23aRuTk

*Unfortunately it is not possible for us to send finished frames. Therefore, when ordering within Germany or Europe, you will receive the aluminum frames as individual stretcher bars for self-assembly.

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