Waterbased Shellac Solution

Waterbased Shellac Solution
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Waterbased Shellac Solution
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Waterbased Shellac Solution
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Shellac is a natural resin made by asian insects, this resin is soluble in alcohol. However... altro
Informazione prodotto "Waterbased Shellac Solution"

Shellac is a natural resin made by asian insects, this resin is soluble in alcohol. However our solution is special since the shellac here is dissolved in water. This unique product has many uses: as a non toxic light varnish or pastel, charcola or graphite fixative, but, most of all, we recommend you to use it as a binder with Aqua-dispersions or dry pigments to create permanent water based inks. These inks will carry the "organic" richness and depth of this natural resin. This will be very different form the finishes we normally see on acrylic inks for example :

Product details

  • resin concentration: 23%
  • solvent: water


water based ink binder
(volumetric recipe)

  • 1 Kama water based shellac solution
  • 5-10 water

Dillute the product with water by mixing well. Add aqua-dispersions or dry pigments to get color and it’s ready. The more water you add the matter and more brittle your inks will be.

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