Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matt (2046)

Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matt (2046)
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Contenuto: 0.25 Liter (67,60 € * / 1 Liter)

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Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matt (2046)
1 l 1.3 kg 1 Liter 1
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41,90 €
Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matt (2046)
250 ml 0.4 kg 0.25 Liter 1
Da 1
16,90 €
Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matt (2046)
5 l 5.3 kg 5 Liter 1
Da 1
145,50 €
Lascaux Impasto Gel 1 gloss / 2 matt / 3 satin matt Composition Pure acrylic resin emulsion... altro
Informazione prodotto "Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matt (2046)"

Lascaux Impasto Gel 1 gloss /
2 matt / 3 satin matt
Pure acrylic resin emulsion
- thinnable with water
- dries to a waterproof and crystal-clear film
- becomes viscous-elastic and flexible
- lightfast and age-resistant
- painting mediums for acrylic colours
- to create transparent and pasty colour applications
- added to Lascaux Studio Acrylic colours it
increases pastosity (also for the creation of heavy
- can be added in any proportion to Lascaux Artist
Acrylic colours without changing viscosity and
texture of the Artist Acrylic colours
- Impasto Gels prolong the drying of acrylics
according to the amount added
- Impasto Gels are particularly suitable as adhesives
for collages and for embedding a variety of
materials. They can also be combined with
pigments, earth, sand and other granular
- use as a final texture varnish for interior
(Impasto Gel 1 gloss is particularly suitable for
colourless textural final varnishes for art prints etc.)
Interesting textural effects can be achieved with a
brush or palette knife when used undiluted or mixed
with a bit of colour. Diluted with water, Impasto Gel
forms a viscous film.
Very thick colourless layers (above 5 mm/ 1/5 in.) may
take several days to dry completely.
Depending on the amount of Impasto Gel 1 gloss added,
the colours become more brilliant and transparent
as well as glossier.
Impasto Gel 2 matt and Impasto Gel 3 satin matt are
being used in the same way, however transparency and
gloss level decrease the higher the matt level.
Gloss levels can be individually adjusted by mixing the
three products as desired.
Lascaux Impasto Gel should not be used below the
temperature of +8°C (+46°F).
Physiologically and toxicologically safe in conventional
usage. USA: conforms to ASTM D-4236.
Bottles of 85 ml, jars of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 l,
buckets of 5 l

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