Derivan Matisse Ink Cleaner

Derivan Matisse Ink Cleaner
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Matisse Ink Cleaner Matisse Inks are washable in water making cleanup quick and easy.... altro
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Matisse Ink Cleaner

Matisse Inks are washable in water making cleanup quick and easy. Brushes, pens and airbrushes clean easily in water however the nature of Matisse Inks water resistant properties means dried ink will need to be cleaned in Matisse Ink Cleaner. Simply soak dirty equipment in Matisse Ink Cleaner then wash up in warm soapy water to finish. (useful also for cleaning brushes or equipment spoilt with dried acrylic paint).

All Matisse Inks have at least one stainless steel ball in the bottle making mixing of the pigment and acrylic binder easier. As we have created an extremely highly pigmented product, Matisse Inks should be shaken well before use as the fine pigment particles will separate over time from the binder. This is completely normal. Simply shake the bottle until you can hear the ball moving inside then shake a little longer for full mixing. Due to the nature of the metallic pigments, these inks will require more vigorous shaking, and as such two steel balls have been included to assist with this.

Matisse Inks are fully compatible with the other Matisse ranges of artist colours for mixing and layering.

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