PANART Acryllpinsel Rund 1181

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This mop brush is for painters who seek a "multiple use" brush in their arsenal. Designed for a... altro
Informazione prodotto "PANART Acryllpinsel Rund 1181"

This mop brush is for painters who seek a "multiple use" brush in their arsenal. Designed for a watercolour base, this synthetic squirrel hair mimic the qualities of natural squirrel hair to perfection resulting in an expression that is pure magic. A high paint picking capacity ensures that your strokes can be longer an more consistent, helping to bring out the subtleties in the art. The pointed tip, symbolic of a mop, on the other hand allows for precise detail - just what you need to carve out definitions where needed.

Hair - Squirrel Coloured Synthetic Filament

Ferrule - Nickel Plated Brass

Handle Colour - Silver Blue Metallic

Handle Length - 165 mm


  • One Mop can do what it may take many other brushes to do.
  • Extremely soft squirrel filament almost like natural squirrel hair.
  • High paint picking capacity.
  • Fine point for detail working.
  • Perfect soft expressive strokes.
  • FSC certified wood handle.
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