bookbinding board / grey board

bookbinding board / grey board
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bookbinding board / grey board
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bookbinding board / grey board
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bookbinding board / grey board
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Römerturm bookbinding cardboard / greyboard   Size: 75cm x 105cm   The smooth,... altro
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Römerturm bookbinding cardboard / greyboard


Size: 75cm x 105cm


The smooth, grey-beige colored bookbinding cardboard is made from 100% recycled paper. It is certified with the Blue Angel and the FSC® eco-label (FSC® Recycled Credit). The cardboard is acid-free, has a pH value of approx. 8.3 and is therefore manufactured in accordance with DIN ISO 9706 for maximum aging resistance. It also corresponds to DIN ISO 16245:2012 Type B. The cardboard is food-safe and can therefore be used for food packaging. (It may be in direct contact with dry, non-fatty foods and foods that are peeled or washed before consumption and used as secondary packaging, excerpt from the declaration of no objection.)

Due to its weight/volume, this item must be shipped using a dedicated courier service.

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