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Royal Talens Van Gogh oil paints
Lance: “I have been painting since I was a child. My mother is an artist and encouraged me to paint, about which I am still very grateful. Due to my busy life my painting had to take a back seat, but when I was 40 and achieved everything that I had wanted to achieve, I decided to focus completely on painting. I wanted to share my art, my vision, with the world. Just enjoy myself painting When I started I deliberately did not give myself any objectives, apart from working hard, learning a lot and not worrying what others may think. I just want to enjoy myself painting! My uniqueness My uniqueness comes from simply being myself. I use those colours that arise within me and let the palette knife move, following my emotions at the time. I let my thoughts go where they want to. I always say the finished painting is already on that blank canvas, it just uses my hands and eyes to reveal itself to the world. It has its own life!”PDF colour chart

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Golden High Flow Acryl Airbrush
Farbe Golden High Flow: Transparent naphthol red light #8558 PG1 | Size: 30 ml
High Flow   High Flow is our newest acrylic paint that can go from brush to marker or from dip pen to airbrush and more. From fine lines to broad strokes, High Flow Acrylic has an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques, including staining, leveling, calligraphy, and mixed media. Introduced as a replacement for GOLDEN Airbrush Colors in July of 2013, High Flow offers increased durability of dry paint and a larger palette of colors including Iridescent and Fluorescent colors, and more single-pigment colors that match the other GOLDEN color lines. For health and safety information.  Click here for detailed product information, click here for pigment information and download the Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information

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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour
Daniel Smith: Buff Titanium PG1 | Size: 15 ml
Today as in 1993, the DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are “formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards for the manufacture of artist’s paints”, and every batch made is tested and analyzed for its performance qualities:   Lightfastness Color value Tinting strength Clarity Vibrancy Undertone Particle size Density Viscosity   Daniel Smith is truly the worldwide leader of watercolors for artists with 250+ beautiful colors in the 15ml watercolor tubes, the most of any manufacturer, and 88 of the most popular colors in 5ml watercolor tubes.  Many are traditional colors relied upon by all artists, and there are many “truly unique” colors made only by Daniel Smith that have become so important to watercolor artists.   Quinacridone Watercolors, Daniel Smith was the first manufacturer to use the high-performance Quinacridone pigments for artists paints.  Quinacridone pigments were developed for the automotive industry which requires extremely lightfast and durable paints.  The Quins are known for their brilliant color and for their luminous transparency which make them wonderful for watercolors.   PrimaTek Watercolors are made from minerals, often semi precious minerals, that have been ground into pigments, mixed with gum arabic (the binder) and milled into PrimaTek Watercolors. The first was Lapis Lazuli Genuine in 1998, since then, many more have been added such as Amethyst Genuine, Piemontite Genuine and Serpentine Genuine. Most of these colors have wonderful granulating effects that some artists have called “magical”.   Luminescent Watercolors have special optical effects perfect for subjects that have a sparkle, sheen, or reflective glow like the iridescence of hummingbird feathers or the sheen of metals.   Cadmium Hues, Daniel Smith has developed safe and vibrant Cadmium Hues with the density and richness of cadmium colors without the cadmium pigment. Virtually identical in color to their namesakes, they are cleaner in mixtures and much stronger in tints. The working properties – staining power, semi-transparency and excellent lightfastness – are nearly identical to those of the low-soluble cadmium colors Daniel Smith previously manufactured.   Color-Chart of the Daniel Smith Watercolors

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Lascaux Neon Acrylfarbe
Lascaux Neon: Yellow #6410 | Size: 250 ml
Lascaux Neon fluorescent colours are characterisedby their intense luminance. They containspecial pigments serving as optical brighteners,thus generating an intense luminescence.Combined with black light (ultraviolet light ) thisunique property comes into its own as a highlyeffective glow.Propertiesyy fluorescent glow under black lightyy highly pigmented and colour-intenseyy semi-opaque and mattyy water-resistant when dryyy extremely yieldingyy powerful even when dilutedyy excellent adhesionyy limited lightfastnessApplicationsyy best effect on white surface or in combinationwith black lightyy for dramatic effects in art and decorationUsageLascaux Neon colours can be applied directly or dilutedwith Lascaux Medium to practically every grease-freesurface.Due to their pigments, fluorescent colours are generallyless opaque than most other acrylic artist’s colours.In order to increase the opacity we recommend undercoatingwith a comparable shade.Lascaux Neon is especially suited to application with abrush, roller, airbrush or other painting accessories.Priming :The most powerful luminescence can be achieved bypriming the surface using Lascaux Studio TitaniumWhite or painting directly on paper containing opticalbrighteners.Mixing :Lascaux Neon fluorescent colours can be mixedamong each other and with other acrylic colours, yetin the latter this will decrease luminescence.Lightfastness:Only the most lightfast fluorescent pigments are usedfor Lascaux Neon. Nevertheless Neon – like allother fluorescent colours – is only lightfast to a limiteddegree. The lightfastness depends on the thicknessof the paint layer and the exposition of the work.Varnishing :Neon colours should not be protected using UV protectionvarnishes, as these will block the UV light rangethat is required for fluorescent colours to glow in theircharacteristic manner.CompositionLascaux Neon consist of powerful fluorescent pigmentsand a special pure acrylate binders.

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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Gouache 15ml
Produktinformationen "Daniel Smith Extra Fine Gouache 15ml" DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine GOUACHE is a professional artist-grade water media that produces an opaque matte finish. Made with the same high-quality pigments and gum arabic as DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ Watercolors, GOUACHE is uniquely formulated with higher pigment loads to achieve density and opacity without adding whites or other fillers.

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Permaset AQUA screen print ink
Permaset Aqua: Standard White | Size: 300 ml
PERMASET AQUA®- a water-based, environmentally friendly and solvent-free screen printing ink for natural and synthetic textiles - a revolution among screen printing colors. Selected pigments provide an intense, luminous opaque color. Thanks to a novel polymer that binds the pigment to the fabric, it provides an exceptionally soft feel while being particularly wash and abrasion resistant and even suitable for dry cleaning. The ink colours have a light fastness of at least 6/8 on the blue wool scale - most colours even received an 8/8 rating.Can also be used on paper, linoleum, wood, model printing and other non-porous surfaces.Available in normal opaque / transparent (Permaset Aqua) and opaque / high opaque (Permaset Aqua SuperCover) with particularly good opacity on dark substrates, four metallic effect colours and eight luminous colours and as screen printing paste.Permaset Permatone has received Soil Association approval in the UK after successfully meeting the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) for inorganic chemical raw materials for use in organic textile processing.Registration certificate of the soil association: products: PHOSPHORESCENT GREEN: Enables a "Luminance in the Dark" effect. PERMA PUFF: Heat activated 3D effect. Can be used with standard colours or with pigment concentrates The Permaset Foil FX series: consists of 4 glossy metallic colours (silver, gold, copper and blue) most effective on dark backgrounds, but also on white or light backgrounds interesting visual effects can be achieved Due to the large grain size, a "normal" 43T (110 tpi) network cannot be used. A more wide-meshed net such as 20 or 22T (50-55 tpi) is required. Due to the grain size, abrasion resistance and washfastness are not given White tones: STANDARD WHITE particularly opaque due to high titanium dioxide content, but slightly less soft to the touch. SUPERCOVER WHITE is an opaque opaque white. It has the highest content of titanium dioxide pigments and binders for use on dark pigments. Excellent opacity in a water-based ink FIRST DOWN WHITE is used by professional printers as a base for printing on dark fabrics to obtain brilliant colors with a soft feel.

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Sennelier lAquarelle Aquarellfarben
Sennelier Aquarell Farbe: Titanweiss #116 PG 1 | Size: Half pan
HONEY-BASED WATERCOLOUR The roots of Sennelier watercolors are to be found in the Impressionist school. At that time, painters drew their inspiration from nature and set out to reproduce natural light. Watercolor technique offered spontaneity, lightness of touch, fluidity and transparency allowing a quick translation of a particular light, vibration or shape. Paul Cézanne, for instance, produced forty or so watercolors of the Mont Sainte Victoire in Provence. Earlier on in England and on the Normandy coast in France, William Turner had turned painting in watercolors as an art form in its own right and had even managed to produce genuine masterpieces. Since then watercolors have become an established part of the history of painting. Artists love them because of their radiance and their spontaneity. It is such a pleasure when the painter plays with the light of the paper and the brightness of fleeting, intense pigments as they glisten, come together and swirl around under his brush producing a whole host of different effects. A watercolor tailored to the needs of today's artists. We spent a long time working with many different artists to produce L'Aquarelle Sennelier. We consulted watercolorists from all over the world. A panel of professional painters carried out "blind" tests on a number of formulations. They clearly revealed what they were looking for: a watercolor which is luminous, brilliant and intense. L'Aquarelle Sennelier fulfils their every wish. A honey-based watercolor. Honey has many virtues: a symbol of light and sun, an emblem of poetry and science and has been used since Ancient times as a remedy for dry skin and to help heal wounds. This nectar is used in L'Aquarelle Sennelier not only as a preservative but as an additive giving incomparable brilliance and smoothness to the paint. Always striving for excellence, Sennelier has reworked its watercolor formula with increasing the amount of Honey in the paint to reinforce the longevity of the colors, their radiance and luminosity. Watercolors Made in France using traditional methods. L'Aquarelle Sennelier has been produced in the same way for more than a century using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic as a bonding agent. This mix of natural ingredients produces colours which have a smooth, bright texture and offer lively, colourful shades. The Gum Arabic and honey combination offers incomparable quality of application, producing superb washes. Then, this base is mixed with pigments and carefully ground. Sennelier makes sure to wet the pigments in purified water (with no mineral salts) for 24 hours before mixing them in with the bonding agent. This improves the way in which the colours and bonding merge together, in turn bringing out the full beauty of the colours. Sennelier watercolors are ground in the traditional way using grindstones rotating slowly so as not to heat up the paste. This operation is carried out in several stages until the paste are as fine as possible thus getting rid of any particles which might impair the perfection of the wash. This exceptional and very high quality watercolor will help you make your works even more powerful due to the liveliness and purity of the hues. The colours mix together perfectly, offering superbly subtle shades. These smooth, intense colours will be a genuine pleasure to paint with. The addition of honey will allow the tubes and pans of Sennelier watercolors to stand up to the passing of time and each time you will paint with them you will be able to accurately translate the diversity of light shape and hues.

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Royal Talens Van Gogh Aquarellfarbe Pocket Box Metallic and Interference Colours
Van Gogh Aquarellfarbe Set Metallic & Interference Colours Van Gogh Aquarellfarbe Pocketb ox 12 Näpf. Specialty Farben Van Gogh Aquarellfarbe ist eine transparente Farbe mit großer Farbkraft. Alle Farben haben den höchsten Lichtechtheitsgrad. Die Farbe lässt sich einfach verarbeiten. Aufgrund der Reinheit der Farben kann man die Farbtöne einfach mischen und zu äußerst feinen Nuancen verwaschen. Das Resultat sind lebendige Farben! Das umfangreiche Sortiment besteht aus 40 brillanten Farben und ist in Tuben und Näpfchen erhältlich. Einfache Farbabgabe Kräftige und sehr transparente Farben Einheitlicher Viskositätsgrad der unterschiedlichen Farbtöne Alle Farben besitzen eine hervorragende

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JAXON oilpastels: Gebr. umbra #28 | Size: Small
Ein farbenprächtiges und ausgewogenes Sortiment von 74 Farbtönen in ausgezeichneter Qualität und Lichtechtheit, Pigmentierung und Leuchtkraft – problemlos in der Anwendung, sehr ergiebig im Verbrauch. JAXON® Ölpastellkreiden eignen sich für den Künstler, Freizeitmaler ebenso wie für die Kunsterziehung im Kindergarten, der Vorschule und im Kunstunterricht. JAXON® kann „trocken“ oder mit Terpentinöl verdünnt „nass“ verarbeitet werden. Die brillanten Farben haften auf fast jedem Malgrund: Papier, Karton, Maltuch, Holz usw. JAXON® Ölpastellkreiden enthalten keine Schadstoffe oder Phthalate und sind gesundheitlich unbedenklich.   Die JAXON Ölpastellkreiden basierend auf Leinöl haben eine ausgezeichnete Qualität und Lichtechtheit und sind vielseitig einsetzbar. Ob in der Schule oder Zuhause, eignen sie sich für fast jeden Malgrund wie z.B. Papier, Maltuch oder Holz und können sowohl nass (mit Terpentinöl verdünnt) als auch trocken problemlos verwendet werden. Die 84 Farben sind leuchtkräftig und zudem sehr ergiebig. Gesundheitlich sind JAXON Ölpastellkreiden völlig unbedenklich und können aufgrund Ihrer Zusammensetzung ohne Schadstoffe und Phalate sowohl von professionellen Künstlern und Freizeitmalern als auch von Kindern  genutzt werden.

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Old Holland Watercolours 6ml
Old Holland Colours: Old holland yellow light #A6
Old Holland Classic Watercolours Unparalleled colour strength. a rich range of 168 colours; made from the best and purest pigments

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Vallejo Mecha Color 17ml
Vallejo Mecha Color: Offwhite #003
  Mecha Color, a range of acrylic airbrush colors, has been designed especially for painting Robots, Gundam, Transformer and action figures. The innovative formulation of the colors, although water-based, guarantees a maxi-mum resistance to manipulation, impacts, friction, scratches and overall extreme wear. Once dry, the color appears the same as the injected plastic color, respecting all the kit’s surface details.   The colors of the range have been carefully selected to provide the modeler with the shades most frequently used for painting all kinds of Mecha figures. The colors can be mixed with one another and diluted with Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver. The range includes a series of metallic and fluorescent colors, weathering effects and auxiliary products such as primers, thinners, chipping Medium and varnishes.   Safety/Toxicity: Mecha Color has the following international safety certificate ASTM D-4236. This independent certification guarante that no harmful substances are used which could pose a risk to the health of both the user and the environment.   Surfaces: Mecha Colors have exceptional adherence on all surfaces, and has been tested on resin, plastics, steel and white metal The colors can be used directly, without the need for a primer. In case of a dark surface, a first application of primer will increase the luminosity of the finish.   How to use: Shake well before using. Pour the paint directly into the airbrush, either undiluted or previously diluted with Thinner. The colors are self-leveling, dry rapidly, and permit immediate application of weathering effects; 24 hours after application maximum resistance is achieved. Mecha Color can also be applied with a brush to highlight small details.  

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Golden Open Acryl 59ml
Farbe Golden Open: Diarylide Yellow #7147 PG6
OPEN   OPEN Acrylics are a slow-drying paint with a slightly softer consistency than our Heavy Body paints. The increased working time of these colors expands their range to include more traditional techniques once only possible with oils. Thick applications can dry extremely slowly, so we recommend artists only use OPEN Colors thinly (< 1 mm). Drying time can also be accelerated by mixing OPEN with faster-drying acrylics like our Fluid and Heavy Body colors. The slow-drying capability of OPEN Acrylics also makes the suitable for some printmaking techniques. Because OPEN Acrylics dry slowly, painters who cover their palettes or use sealed containers have been able to use the same colors for weeks, reducing the amount of paint wasted and preserving color mixtures for future use.  Click here for detailed product information, click here for pigment information and download the Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information

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Old Holland Watercolours Half pan
Old Holland Colours: Old holland yellow light #A6
Die Launge von den Ölfarbe Serien in die einzigartige Reihe von 168 Farbe is gefolgt worden von Old Holland Classic Watercolours in dieselbe reiche Reihe. Eine des einzigartigen Merkmalen von diesen Aquarellfarbe ist die einzigartigen Farbstärke (Maximales Pigmentations). Und weil diese Höhe Farlbstärke einen etwas anderen Ansatz braucht von der Seite des Aquarellisten (wenig Farbe braucht man um die gewünschte Farlbe zu erreichen) erklärt dies die grösse Vorteile. Beispiellose Farbkraft. Umfangreiche Palette mit 168 Farben. Hergestellt aus den besten und reinsten Pigmenten. Maximale Pigmentierung. Bindemittel auf der Basis von Gummiarabikum, Glycerin etc. Siebdruck-Farbbeispiel des Farbtons auf Ihrer Tube. Opacity/transparency:

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Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour
With 109 colours, our Professional Water Colour range offers bright, vibrant colours and unrivalled performance. Water colour, more than any other medium, reflects the unique characteristics of the pigments used and our Professional Water Colours use only the finest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour. Pigments With 80 single pigment colours in the range, we offer the widest range of modern and traditional pigments for clean colour mixing. Unrivalled Transparency The transparency of our Professional Water Colour is achieved by our unique process of pigment dispersion during manufacture. The natural characteristics of each pigment highlights the paint’s transparency level. In water colour painting, thin washes are applied allowing the white of the paper to reflect through the wash. Permanence 106 out of 109 colours in our Professional Water Colour range are classed as "permanent for artists' use”, rated AA or A for archival permanence to ensure that these colours used today will appear the same for generations to come.  

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Pentart Acrylfarbe Metallic/Pearl 50ml
Pentart AcrylicPaint: METALLIC brass #29357
Pentart Acrylfarbe Metallic/Pearl Wasserbasiert, hochdeckende Acrylfarbe mit hohem Pigmentgehalt, mit matter, glänzender oder metallischer Wirkung. Trocknet wasserbeständig.

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Jacquard Pinata Colors Exciter Pack
Jacquard Piñata Colors Exciter Pack Enthält 9 - 1/2 fl oz/14,79 ml Flaschen mit den folgenden Farben: Sonnengelb, Calabaza Orange, Señorita Magenta, Passion Purpur, Baja Blau, Regenwaldgrün, Blanco Blanco, Mantila Schwarz & Reiches Gold.Äußerst vielseitige, transparente Piñata-Tinten auf Alkoholbasis eignen sich hervorragend für: Glas, Leder, Holz, Papier, Kunststoff, Metall, Metallfolie, Harz, Wachs und Vinyl.

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Liquitex - Heavy Body Acrylic
Liquitex Heavy Body: Transparent raw umber #333 PG2 | Size: 59 ml
Heavy Body Acrylic Paint   Professionelle Künstler-Acrylfarbe Spektrum: 100 Farben Eigenschaften: Stark pigmentiert, dick und reichhaltig Konsistenz: dick Finish: Satin Heavy Body Artist Acrylfarbe, früher als "Hochviskosität" bezeichnet, hat eine dicke Konsistenz für traditionelle Kunsttechniken mit Pinseln oder Messern sowie für experimentelle, gemischte Medien-, Collage- und Druckanwendungen. Impasto-Anwendungen behalten den Pinselstrich und die Messerspuren bei. Ein guter Oberflächenwiderstand sorgt für hervorragende Handhabungs- und Blend-Eigenschaften bei erhöhter Arbeitszeit. Hohe Pigmentbeladung führt zu satten, brillanten und dauerhaften Farben.   Professionelles Farbspektrum mit  100 Farben Außergewöhnlich glatte, buttrige Konsistenz Behält Pinselstriche und Spachtelspuren bei Ideal für dicke / Impasto-Anwendungen und Maltechniken Flexibel im trockenen Zustand; dicke Schichten bleiben riss- und splitterfrei Erhältlich in Tuben und Gläsern VERWENDUNGEN UND TECHNIKEN Impasto: Dicke Anwendungen mit Pinselstrich und Messerspuren Traditionelles Acrylbild auf Leinwand oder Paneel Experimentelle Acrylmalerei Collage und Mischtechnik Acryl-Druck: Siebdruck, Monodruck, Blockdruck

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ShinHan Art Professional Water Color 12 ml
ShinHan Watercolor: Orange #422
ShinHan Professionelle AquarellfarbeShinHan Professional Aquarell ist sorgfältig zusammengestellt, um die Bedürfnisse anspruchsvoller Künstler zu befriedigen. Jede Farbe besteht aus reinen Pigmenten und hochwertigen Gummiarabikum, das für helle und lebendige Farben sorgt.ShinHan Professional Aquarellfarbe erfüllt alle Anforderungen des anspruchsvollen Künstlers, einschließlich eines hohen Grades an Lichtechtheit und Adhäsionsfähigkeit. Ein gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis macht ShinHan Professionelle Aquarellfarbe zu einer guten Wahl für Künstler aller Niveaus. 30 leuchtende und lebendige Farben Reine Pigmente und hochwertiges Gummiarabikum Hoher Grad an Lichtechtheit Hohe Adhäsionsfähigkeit

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Jacquard Basic Dye 14g
Jacquard Acid Dye: 633 Aztec Gold
Basic DyeThe perfect solution for hard-to-dye materials. Developed for acrylic fibers (e.g. faux fur, wigs and inexpensive yarn), these dyes are also the go-to for wood, reeds, straw, paper, leather and hemp! Use them for potpourri, dolls, buttons and furniture, or add to Piñata Claro Extender for custom alcohol ink colors.An essential tool for cosplay artists!Basic Dyes are exceptionally easy to use. The process is so simple that commercial dyers often use them to color fibers such as silk and wool; however, they tend to have poor light- and washfastness on fabric, so Basic Dyes are generally only used by home fabric dyers when other dyes are not an option. As a class, Basic Dyes offer some of the most vibrant and intense colors available for any fiber, and are frequently used when maximum color intensity is desired.Dip-dye or brush on!FABRIC/FIBER/SURFACESacrylic fibers, wood, reeds, straw, hemp, paper and leather

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Golden Heavy Body Acrylics 3.78 Liter
Farbe Golden HB: Smalt Hue #1467 PG1
Heavy Body   The first acrylic colors offered by GOLDEN, Heavy Body paints are known for their exceptionally smooth, buttery consistency. The Heavy Body palette includes the largest assortment of unique pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion available to professional artists. These colors offer excellent permanency and lightfastness. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or dyes added. Each Heavy Body color formula reflects the qualities of its pigment. Colors that tolerate a higher pigment load dry to a more opaque, matte finish. Colors that are more reactive and do not allow as much pigment loading tend to have a glossier, more transparent, finish. Because Heavy Body colors contain no matting agents, the gloss of each color will be different.  Click here for detailed product information, here for pigment information and download the Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information

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Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink 15ml
Jacquard Alco Ink: Pink #6
Piñata Alcohol Ink Piñata Colors are highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol inks for any hard surface, including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, resin, YUPO, polymer clay and more. Indelible and impervious to water, Piñata Colors clean up with alcohol and re-wet themselves, allowing for unique effects and techniques not easily achieved with water-based inks. As a dye-based, highly transparent ink*, Piñata Colors are unparalleled for vibrancy. Only the most lightfast dyes have been selected for the palette. Acid-free with excellent adhesive properties, Piñata Colors are the go-to inks for all non-porous surfaces. TECHNIQUESfine arts, scrapbooking, crafts, faux stained glass, card making, resin arts, faux finishing techniques and staining wood and leather SURFACESglass, metal, plastic, vinyl, ceramic, stone, leather, epoxy resins, YUPO®, foil, wood, encaustic, clayboard, fiberglass, acrylic, polymer clay and more

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Royal Talens Amsterdam Expert Series
Amsterdam Expert: Titanium buff #291 PG2 | Size: 150 ml
Amsterdam All AcrylicsThe Expert Series can be combined with all productsof Amsterdam All Acrylics; therefore also with theAmsterdam Standard Series as well as all mediums. Lightfastness+++ = the 70 colours of the Expert Series have the highest degreeof lightfastness. This means that under museum conditions itis lightfast for at least 100 years!The lightfastness has been tested according to the ASTM standardD4303.OpacityThe Amsterdam Expert Series has both (semi-)transparent and(semi-)opaque colours. The degree of opacity and transparency isindicated by the following symbols:= transparent (9 colours)= semi-transparent (14 colours)= semi-opaque (15 colours)= opaque (32 colours)

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Permaset PERMAPLASTIK Scenic Paint
permaplastik scenic paint: Bright Blue PG2 #300 | Size: 300 ml
Permaset PERMAPLASTIK® Scenic Paint ist eine flache, nicht reflektierende, Farbe auf Wasserbasis aus 100 % Acryl, die speziell für die Verwendung in einem breiten Spektrum architektonischer, landschaftlicher und dekorativer Anwendungen entwickelt wurde. PERMAPLASTIK® eignet sich ideal für die Dekoration von Fernseh-, Film-, Theater- und Foto-Sets, Auslagen und Ausstellungseinrichtungen, Schilderbeschriftungen, Wandmalereien im Innen- und Außenbereich, Plakate und die Dekoration architektonischer Elemente.  Es wird auch von bildenden Künstlern verwendet, um Kunstwerke auf Leinwand zu malen.

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ShinHan Professional Acrylic Colour
ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color     Maximum performance and productivity for artistsShinHan Professional Acrylic Color has a fast drying time that allows artists to quickly layer colors, each layer drying to a durable and flexible finish. Their ability to withstand natural weathering and corrosion makes them perfect for mural painting. The colors are bold, intense and contemporary, and are readily mixable in any possible combination. The heavy-body ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color creates a textured brush stroke essential for impasto painting techniques. 61 brilliant colors High quality ShinHan Professional pigments and acrylic emulsion High degree of lightfastness Fast drying time

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