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Holbein Watercolor Aluminium Palette 1130
Varianten: No. 20
Holbein Aluminum Palette 1130 (Made in Korea). Famous Holbein watercolor palettes made of lightweight aluminum with black and white enamel finish. The compartments offer plenty of space for storing and mixing watercolors. No20 - Space for 39 pans Length: 20.5cm Width: 8.5cm Depth: 2cm No40 - Space for 13 pans Length: 25.5cm Width: 11.5cm Depth: 2cm No80 - Space for 26 cups Length: 25.5cm Width: 11.5cm Depth: 2cm No150 - Space for 30 cups Length: 30.5cm Width: 14cm Depth: 2.5cm No200 - Space for 35 cups Length: 35.5cm Width: 15.5cm Depth: 2.2cm

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Holbein Paper Palette Gray
Holbein Paper Palette: Gray-S
Holbein Paper Palette Gray Graue Papierpalette mit 25 bzw. 30 Blättern universll einsetzbar. geeignet für Öl, Acryl, aber auch Aquarell und Gouache

Holbein Paper Palette M-2
Für die Aquarellmalerei. Ölfarbenmalerei. Acrylfarbenmalerei.

Holbein Plastic Removal Pans
Varianten: Small 10 pcs
Produktinformationen "Holbein Plastic Removal Pans" Holbein Plastic Removal Pans for Holbein Watercolour Palette with removable pans. Polypropylene Package weight: approx. 20g

Blattpalette von Malzeit A4/A3
Size: DIN A4
Blattpalette Palette mit Spezialpapier zum Abreißen Für die Malerei mit Öl, Akryl, Gouache usw. Farbe weiß Format: A4, A3 Inhalt: 50 Blatt g/m² :80 Artikel-Nr.:575.450 / 575.451

Holbein Paper Palette 1023
Holbein Paper Palette: 1023-SS
For water color painting. Oil color painting. Acrylic color painting.

KOH I NOOR Abreißpalette Eckig mit Griffloch - 30 cm x 23 cm / 40 Blatt (15311)
ideale Farbmischpalette für eine einfache, schmutzfreie Reinigung / stabiler Papprücken / 40 Blatt , Papier = 60 g/m² > Papier mit einer glatten, beschichteten Oberfläche, die für Farben und Lösungsmittel geeignet ist > für Acryl-, Öl- und Aquarellfarben geeignet

AMI Holzpalette 5mm eckig 27x41cm
Varianten: eckig
Holzpalette von AMI 5mm tief, aus Holz, leicht Erhältlich in: eckig, 27x41cm oval, 27x41cm

New Wave Papierpalette 27.9 x 40.6cm
New Wave Paletten: Ergonomic | Sorten: Grau
New Wave White & Grey Paper Palette Im Format 11 x 16 Inch (ca. 27,9 x 40 cm)

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Liquitex Freestyle Traditional Knives
Malspachtel Grösse: #1
Handle: ContouredBlade Type: Stainless Steel    Liquitex offers a full range of 18 traditional knives that offer the right combination of stainless resilience and flexible spring to facilitate any painting application. All handles are ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort and grip.

Sennelier Malspachtel
Malspachtel Grösse: 1001
Ein Sortiment an Malmessern von ausgezeichneter Qualität.Ihre aus einem Block Stahl geschmiedete rostfrei Klinge ist einerseits elastisch, anderseits formbeständig und erlaubt eine Arbeit mit Präzision. Holzstiel, Messingzwinge.29 Modelle Artikelnr. : N264151

Sennelier Palettenmesser
Malspachtel Grösse: 1031
Die aus einem Stahlblock geschmiedeten, rostfreien Palettenmesser erlauben einen homogenen Aufstrich der Paste durch die Formbeständigkeit der Klinge.6 Modelle Artikelnr.: N264152.

CWA SP Create Squeegees
SP Create Squeegees It's frustrating when your tools aren't the right size or don't handle or perform they way you need them to. Our exclusive line of custom-made squeegees ends those frustrations. Working directly with the manufacturer we designed 5 unique shapes and sizes we feel offer artists the ability to fully realize their creative vision. The stainless steel core is firm and comfortable in your hand, and the precision edge has the perfect degree of ‘flex’ to fully control your surface. The silicone material is resistant to chemicals and cleans easily.    

Holbein Watercolour Palette with removable pans
Varianten: RP-24
Produktinformationen "Holbein Watercolour Palette with removable pans"

Caran dAche Palette Aquarelle plexi white 26x13cm
Product information "Caran dAche Palette Watercolors plexi white 26x13cm"The Aquarelle palette was specifically designed and developed by Caran d’Ache to transform watercolor paint products (Museum Aquarelle, Technalo, Supracolor Soft, Prismalo, Neocolor II) into paint.This indispensable accessory perfectly accompanies professional artists, amateurs, students and students who want to transform their dry paint deposits into liquid paint.DETAILS OF THE PALLET Pallet made of white Plexiglas, travel format Suitable for all types of paint and all watercolor paints Dimensions: 26 x 13 cm Thickness: 3mm Resistant to UV, alcohol, acetone and abrasion. Easy to clean with waterAPPLICATION TECHNIQUES Rough side: allows water-soluble paint to be applied dry and then mixed with water and watercolored as desired Smooth side: is suitable for all classic painting colors such as gouache, acrylic, oil and watercolor.

Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette
No more wasted paint! The Sta-Wet palette system was developed by Masterson over 20 years ago and is unmatched in its level of functionality. Masterson’s Sta-Wet process keeps acrylics and other water based paints moist on the open palette for hours.  and Once the lid is closed, the paints will stay in workable condition for days, even weeks. A unique sponge and special permeable palette paper provide the paint with a constant source of moisture. Paints will not dry out. Each palette contains: Five sheets of Sta-Wet acrylic palette paper One Cellulose Sponge Palette Tray and Lid Complete instructions for preparation and use Additional paper and sponge refills are available online and at your favorite art supply store. Dimensions: 8.5″ x 7″ x 1″

Masterson Artists Palette Seal
Save paint, time and money using the Masterson Palette Seal. This airtight container safely holds any type of paint palette between sessions.  For Oils, place your favorite type of palette – wood, glass, plastic or paper – into the Palette Seal tray and snap on the lid. Your paints will stay fresh for many days-even weeks when they’re sealed in the airtight Masterson Palette Seal. For acrylics and other water-miscible paints, use Masterson’s patented Sta-Wet Premier Acrylic Paper and Sponge (sold separately). The sponge, when moistened and combined with Masterson’s Acrylic Palette Paper, maintains a moist “atmosphere” inside the Artist Palette Seal. You will be ready to continue painting up to weeks later when you store your paints in a patented Masterson storage container. **Please note that a palette is not included in the Artist Palette Seal** Dimensions: 16″ x 12″ x 1-3/4″

Liquitex Freestyle Large Scale Knives
Malspachtel Grösse: #1
Handle: ContouredBlade Type: Stainless Steel These high quality knives in the most innovative shapes and sizes have been crafted with the finest stainless blades that resist wear and corrosion. This allows artists to manipulate large amounts of material with confidence.

Princeton Catalyst™ Wedges
Catalyst: Keil Nr.1
Princeton Catalyst™ Keilspachtel Nicht ganz ein Pinsel. Nicht gerade ein Spachtel. Catalyst™ Werkzeuge werden aus flexiblem Silikon hergestellt, um Künstlern eine neue Form des Ausdrucks zu ermöglichen. Catalyst™ Keile sind ergonomisch so gestaltet, dass sie in Ihre Hand passen und eine direkte Interaktion mit Ihrer Arbeit ermöglichen.Entwickelt für die Verwendung mit dickflüssigen Farben, ist Catalyst™ zu Hause mit Ölen, Acrylfarben und wassermischbaren Ölen. Da sie hitzebeständig sind, eignen sie sich hervorragend für Enkaustik. Künstler verwenden sie mit Gips, Lehm und sogar mit Glasur. Hergestellt aus FDA-zugelassenem Silikon, Catalyst™ Klingen und Keile eignen sich hervorragend für die Lebensmittelherstellung.Mit Klingen und Keilen von Catalyst™ ist das Aufräumen ein Kinderspiel. Das Silikon lässt sich leicht abwischen und ist lösungsmittelbeständig. Das Reinigen kann in den meisten Fällen mit milder Seife und Wasser erfolgen. Angetrocknete Farbe kann von der Silikonoberfläche abgezogen werden. Catalyst™ Die Klingen können zur Reinigung von ihren Holzgriffen getrennt und nach dem Trocknen leicht ausgetauscht werden.

New Wave POSH® Glass Palettes
New Wave Paletten: White Glass (Milchweiß) | Pads Size: 22,9 x 30,5 cm
POSH® Glass Palettes are everything the name implies. Available in grey, white, and clear, as well as multiple sizes, 9"x12," 12"x16," and 16"x20." This product uses 1/8" tempered glass for maximum strength and safety, along with custom corner guards for added protection and surface traction. The edges are softened, and the underside (grey and white) is finished with a dense solvent, and water resistant formulation that has excellent color fastness.  The clear model provides you the opportunity to add your own color, grey scale or teaching products to the underside. The palettes are super easy to clean. Dried acrylic paint peels away, and dried oil paint can be removed with artist solvents or a single edge razor blade in a retractable scraper. The 9"x12" and 12"x16" products are designed to fit inside the Masterson Art Products Artist Palette Seal® (blue lid) and the Sta-Wet® (yellow lid and red lid) for storage and transportation. For use with all paint media as an artist palette, mulling surface, mono printing surface, and craft surface. Made in Pennsylvania, USA. Proper Care : Always use a fresh razor blade when cleaning. Steel tools have burrs that can cause scratches on any glass product. Use a plastic razor and solvent to avoid scratching. Use knife, scraper, or sharp objects with caution.

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Lascaux Sirius Palette
Die Lascaux Sirius Palette ist eine vielseitige, runde und praktische Malpalette aus sehr widerstandsfähigem Kunststoff. Sie ist äusserst leicht und daher angenehm zum Arbeiten. Durchmesser 170 mm.

New Wave U.Go Palette Anywhere (Plastic/Acrylic)
Bögen Größe: S (Box 15,2x 20,3cm / Palette 12,7x16,8cm) | New Wave Paletten: White Plastic
Designed to fit inside the Anywhere™ Pochade Box.  Available in grey for enhanced value and color gauging.  The underside (grey) is finished with a dense solvent, and water resistant formulation that has excellent color fastness.  The palettes are easy to clean.  Oil paint can be removed with artist solvents or a single edge razor blade in a retractable scraper, and dry acrylic paint peels off.  For use with all paint media.  Made by New Wave® in Pennsylvania, USA. Large:  For use with the large Anywhere Pochade.  The palette is made from 1/8" tempered glass for maximum strength and safety.  In addition, the edges are softened. We recommend securing the exterior removable side wall of your Anywhere™ Pochade Box with the u.go™ Cinch when transporting the glass palette.  A Cinch is provided with purchase of the Anywhere™ Pochade Box 11" x 14.5" model. Medium: For use with the medium Anywhere Pochade.  The palette is made from 1/8" non-tempered glass.  In addition, the edges are softened. Small: For use with the small Anywhere Pochade.  The palette is made from 1/8" non-tempered glass.  In addition, the edges are softened.  

KOH I NOOR Abreißpalette Oval mit Griffloch - 30 cm x 25 cm / 40 Blatt (P5317)
ideale Farbmischpalette für eine einfache, schmutzfreie Reinigung / stabiler Papprücken / 40 Blatt , Papier = 60 g/m² > Papier mit einer glatten, beschichteten Oberfläche, die für Farben und Lösungsmittel geeignet ist > für Acryl-, Öl- und Aquarellfarben geeignet

Princeton Catalyst™ Scraper
Catalyst: Kontur Nr.22
Princeton Catalyst™ Konturen Die Konturen bestehen aus einem steifen Nylon , das hitzebeständig, lösungsmittelbeständig, spülmaschinenfest und von der FDA als lebensmittelecht zugelassen ist. Diese großartigen Eigenschaften in Kombination mit ihren neuen Formen und praktischen Größen ermöglichen eine umfangreiche Kreativität bei der Kuchendekoration, der Lebensmittelherstellung, Keramik, Gips und schweren Acrylmedien.