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Kremer Ultramarine Blue Pigments


Content: 0.1 Kilogramm (€55.50* / 1 Kilogramm)

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Kremer Pigmente
Product number: 11652.4
Product information "Kremer Ultramarine Blue Pigments"


Until the beginning of the 19th century, Ultramarine Blue was a prized luxury product due to its extensive production process from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli and obtained according to old recipes. Even today, the natural pigment ultramarine (azzurum ultramarinum = blue from across the seas) is as precious as gold. Ultramarine is famous for its characteristic bright, deep blue color. From a physical point of view, ultramarine blue is positioned at the far short-wave end of the color spectrum, leaning towards the violet side of blue. The closer the color gets to the end of the visible spectrum, the darker it seems. Reproductions in books and photographs usually fail to convey the appearance and quality of ultramarine blue.


synthetic mineral pigment

  • Chemical description Sodium-aluminium-sulfo-silicate. Pigment Blue 29, C.I. 77007. CAS: 57455-37-5 (101357-30-6), EINECS (EU): 309-928-3, TSCA (USA): uses CAS 57455-37-5; REACH Reg. No. 01-2119488928-13-0002
  • ColorIndex PB 29.77007
  • Suitability Acrylics, Lime / Fresco, Oil, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache
  • Color Blue
  • Form powder
  • Lightfastness medium 8 (1 is poor, 8 is best)
  • Lightfastness thinned 8 (1 is poor, 8 is best)
  • Lightfastness concentrated 8 (1 is poor, 8 is best)
  • Solubility in water insoluble

Handling and Warnings

Keep away from acids.



For more informations please visit the Kremer Website. Also, if you're missing a Kremer-pigment that you want, we can order it for you. Just use our contact-formular!


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