Kama Izosol Solvent

Kama Izosol Solvent
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Oduorless, non toxic mineral spirit Izosol is a highly refined mineral spirit made from... more
Product information "Kama Izosol Solvent"

Oduorless, non toxic mineral spirit

Izosol is a highly refined mineral spirit made from petroleum extracts. It can be used as a cleaner or general-purpose solvent for commercial and artist's oil paints.
Izosol is made from the most refined and the least reactive type of petroleum extract availabe on the market today. The thorough refinig process allows to practically eliminate all of the aromatic compounds and/or chlorated hydrocarbons normally found in theses type of solvents: The aromatic content of Izosol in below 0,01 % compared to 30-35 % for conventional mineral spirits.
Izosol is also a better alternative to other "odourless" solvents because a standard mineral spirit like what can be found in handware stores contains on average from 30 to 35 % of aromatic compounds which creates the characteristic annoying smell found in this type of solvent. The cleaning/refinig process that removes nocive aromatic compounds from these solvents reduces the smell. However, this smell disapperars well before all of the toxic compunds have been eliminated. So an odourless solvent can contain as much as 10 % of toxic aromatic or chlorated compounds. But it's not the case with Izosol becauseit is refined to the maximum : and only contains 0,01 % od nocive aromatics.

Quick facts:

  • Practically no long term toxicity, aromatic content under 0,01 %
  • A perfect replacement for conventional mineral spirits or other "odourless" solvents.
  • Does not dissolve natural resins (mastic, dammer, mastic ...)

Sugested uses:

  • Solvent for oil based paints and techniques.
  • Solvent for light cleaning  of painting tools (brushes spatulas)
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