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Kama Pigments Alkyd Gel Medium


Content: 0.125 Piece (€128.00* / 1 Piece)
Product number: 12990
Product information "Kama Pigments Alkyd Gel Medium"

A fast drying painting medium of gel like consistency that dries mat and has low odours.

This medium is made using a synthetic oil itself made from drying oils we call alkyd resin. The main reason to use this material is that it interacts very well with driers to create paintings and mediums that dry quickly.
This product is very similar to the Alkyd Medium, but it has a thicker jelly like consistency that will blend well with oil paints and is less transparent. This alkyd mediums is formulated without turpentine. It dries with a nice sheen, though it is less brilliant than dammar based mediums. Thinnable with Izosol, this medium will yield finishes from satin to matte and help to maintain the brilliance of your colors as it is manufactured with a higher grade alkyd resin that yellows little over time.


  • alkyd resin
  • Izosol
  • natural clays
  • driers
  • average drying time: 0.9 days
    (medium alone on glass plate)

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