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Kama Pigments Good Grind Pigment Grinding Medium


Content: 0.037 Piece (€162.16* / 1 Piece)
Product number: 12992
Product information "Kama Pigments Good Grind Pigment Grinding Medium"

Grinding medium designed for those who want to make their oil paint from raw pigments. It will help create a stable paint that will not separate or be stringy.

Created with the knowledge gained through the development of KAMA oil paints, our grinding oil makes it considerably easier to create oil paints from dry pigments.
Despite its gelatinous consistency, our grinding oil contains only 10% additives (the remaining 90% is walnut oil). These additives serve to improve the drying time and regulate the consistency of paints that are prepared using this medium, and also to ensure that they do not liquefy or separate, even when they are not used immediately.

Directions for use

Grind the dry pigments directly into the grinding oil, no other additives are required. Paint prepared in this manner will be completely compatible with any other sort of oil-based paint or medium. For optimal results, store any paint that will not be used right away in tubes.

For use by professional artists only, keep out of the reach of children.

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