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Hahnemuhle "Stella" Zeichenpapier
Hahnemühle / Mixed Papertyp : Bogen, 200 g/m² 61,0 cm x 86,0 cm
Fine white drawing paper, acid-free, double glued, opaque, good erasure resistance. For technical and artistic drawings as well as school supplies.Grammage: 200 g / m2Surface: MattColor white

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Fabriano Accademia Zeichenpapier Rollen
Pads Size: 100 x 1000 cm - 120 g/m2
Fabriano Accademia drawing paper is made of high quality lignin free and acid free cellulose, guaranteeing long conservatione over time. Produced with 100% of E.C.F. pulp (Elemental Chlorine Free), F.S.C. certified (©1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.) from forests responsibly managed respectful of environmental, social and economic standards. Its internal and external sizing renders it resistant to repeated erasures. It is recommended for artists and amateurs for sketching and drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, coloured pencil and ink. Its 200 g/m2 is also suitable for gouache.

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AMI Wenzhou Papier Rollen
Pads Size: 0.45 x 25 m
Wenzhou is a wood-free, highly absorbent natural fiber paper with a slightly rough surface.Grammage: 30 g / m2

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Jack Richeson Rice Paper Roll 38.1cm x 15.24 m
Richeson Rice Paper Rolls Acid-free Continuous 15" × 50ft roll Sketching Calligraphy Watercolor Sumi

Strathmore 400 Toned Gray Sketch 118g 1.06 x 9.14m Rolle
Toned Strathmore Toned Gray Sketch Rolle   Dieses Papier ist aus 100% recyceltem Papier, bestens geeignet für schnelle Studien oder zum experimentieren. Exzellent für Graphit, Kohle, Marker, Buntstifte, Fineliner und Gelpens. 42 inch x 10 yard (ca. 1m x 9m) 118 g/m² säurefreies Papier

Legion Yupo 200 g/m² Roll
Rolle Länge x Breite: 76 cm x 9 m
Yupo is a non-porous, acid-free and pH-neutral synthetic paper, which is machine-made in the USA from 100% polypropylene. It is absolutely water and stain resistant and has become a unique and fascinating alternative to traditional art paper due to its strength and lifting properties.The super-smooth surface enables the creation of nuances and patterns that would normally be impossible to achieve on traditional watercolor and drawing paper. Since it can be wiped clean, you have the possibility to rework certain areas until they meet your requirements, or build up layers of color using a technique similar to oil painting.This paper is easily tear and crease resistant, so you don't need to stretch it or work on it in any way before starting work. Yupo has a particularly smooth surface and can be used with a combination of different media, including watercolor alcohol paint, acrylic paint, monotype, offset printing, embossing oil pastel, graphite and screen printing.As a highly resistant plastic, Yupo normally enters the waste stream much more slowly than conventional paper. Because it is a polypropylene (PP) plastic film, it is fully recyclable and remains inert in any approved landfill. When it is safely incinerated in a modern incinerator with an excess oxygen atmosphere, only water, carbon dioxide and ash are produced.When you have finished a work, remember to spray the surface of the Yupo paper with a matte clear coat or finishing spray to keep the work stable.

Strathmore 300 Newsprint paper Rolle 52g, 91,4cm x 18,29m
Produktinformationen "Strathmore 300 Newsprint paper Rolle 52g, 91,4cm x 18,29m" New from Strathmore! A complete roll program featuring Newsprint, Drawing, Bristol, Layout, Sketch, Watercolor and Mixed Media papers in various finishes, weights and sizes to complete any paper department.

Strathmore 400 Toned Tan Sketch 118g 1.06 x 9.14m-Rolle
Toned Strathmore Toned Tan Sketch Rolle   Dieses Papier ist aus 100% recyceltem Papier, bestens geeignet für schnelle Studien oder zum experimentieren. Exzellent für Graphit, Kohle, Marker, Buntstifte, Fineliner und Gelpens. 42 inch x 10 yard (ca. 1m x 9m) 118 g/m² säurefreies Papier

Strathmore 400 Drawing paper Rolle 163g
Rolle Große: 91,4 x 914,4 cm
Zeichenpapier   erhältlich in 60,9 x 914,4 cm und 91,4 x 914,4 cm und 106,68 x 914,4 cm Mittelfeine Oberfläche Einzelrolle 163 /m²

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AMI Skizzenpapier Transparent Rolle 40g
Pads Size: 0,33 x 50 m
Transparent sketch paper with smooth surface.Grammage: 80 g / m2

Strathmore 300 Charcoal White 95g 91.4 x 9.14m-Rolle
 Strathmore 300 Charcoal White Dieses naturweiße Papier hat ein traditionelles Finish, das eine ideale Grundlage für Holzkohle und Pastell bildet. Die starke harte Oberfläche ist auch für Ölpastell und Buntstift geeignet.   42 inch x 10 yard (ca. 1m x 9m) 95g/m² säurefreies Papier

AMI Skizzenpapier KKB 110g/m Rolle
AMI Skizzenpapier KKB 110g/m² Rolle Lichtgraues Recyclingpapier mit matter Oberfläche. Geeignet für Kohle-, Kreide- und Bleistiftzeichnungen

Strathmore 400 Smooth Drawing 130g 1.06 x 9.14m-Rolle
Strathmore 400 Smooth Drawing RollSmooth Drawing is a high quality sketching and drawing paper, especially good for technical drawings. Best suited for the work of designers, engineers, architects and artists. Sketching paper reproduces well when copied. Drawing paper easily accepts print media from pen and ink to coloured pencils and in some cases even paints. Colour of the paper is natural white.     42 inch x 10 yard (approx. 1m x 9m)     130g/m²     acid free paper

Strathmore 400 Artagain BLACK 160g 1.06 x 9.14m-Rolle
Strathmore 400 Artagain BLACK Rolle faserverstärktes Papier ideal für Softpastell und Zeichenkohle säurefreies Papier 160 g/m²

AMI linoleum printing block 60g
Pads Size: 23 x 31 cm
AMI linoleum printing blockThe linoleum printing block contains 20 sheets of Japanese paper 60 g/m². The front side is smooth, the back side is rough, making it ideal for linoleum printing. It is available in two different sizes.

Strathmore RECYCLED DRAWING Rolle 130g 106.7 x 914.4 cm
Strathmore RECYCLED DRAWING Rolle   Format: 106,7 x 914,4 cm Gewicht: 130 g/m² Struktur: mittlere Oberfläche

Rein Hadern Zeichenpapier 270g, 20m Rolle
Römerturm Rein Hadern   Römerturm Rein Hadern ist ein hervorragendes Zeichen- und Künstlerkarton mit matter Oberfläche. Es hat eine neutrale Stoff- und leichte Oberflächenleimung. Der pH-Wert liegt bei 7,5-8,0, wodurch eine sehr gute Alterungsbeständigkeit gegeben ist. Die Rolle ist mit 200 cm extra breit und hat einen vierseitigen Schnittrand.  Eigenschaften Grammatur: 270g/m² Oberflächen: matt Breite: 200 cm Länge: 20 Lfm ph-Wert: 7,5 - 8,0  

Strathmore RECYCLED SKETCH Rolle 89g 91.4 x 914.4 cm
Strathmore RECYCLED SKETCH Rolle   Format: 91,4 x 914,4 cm Gewicht: 89 g/m² Struktur: feine Oberfläche